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Acoplastic Ltd. is a sub-supplier, which develops, manufactures and processes parts primarily in PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene) and modern HighTech plastic materials. The parts are mainly used in areas, where use of metal parts is prohibited or where there are extremely high demands on the properties and resistance of the material, as for example in the machine industry or the pharmaceutical or food industry.


We produce the parent material PTFE for our own use as well as to sell as a semi-finished product. We buy our raw materials from the world's most innovative suppliers and make sure they match specification requirements. When choosing materials, it is of the utmost importance to consider the combination of technical specifications of the material and experience with the material under the given circumstances. By producing the raw material ourselves, we are able to refine the product at a much higher level, as we have the option of fine-tuning the process and thus controlling it completely. This development means that counseling in regard to choice of materials and processing continues to represent an increasingly larger part of our customer events.


Minimizing customer risks

As a sub-supplier it is Acoplastic’s main duty to deliver safety and minimize our customers’ risks. This is done by a flexible production and quality at the agreed time.


In Acoplastic we have daily contact with a huge part of the Danish and International industry. Our know-how and process control have secured that our products today can be found in anything from personal cars, yachts, pumps, windmills, containers, various machines etc. etc.


Our reference list is broad and this interaction with big, global companies has lifted Acoplastic to a new level. We have by securing supplies in high uniform quality, at the agreed time and at the right place, is assisting our customers in minimizing their risks.


The main goal is to make sure that our customers see Acoplastic as a company that is flexible and stretching – and at the same time to keep our promises.


A la carte specialties

Please excuse the expression. But there really is no machine parts that we do not know how to make and there are no quantities that are too small for us. As a matter of a fact, we specialize in manufacturing high-quality product in small series.


When a short time of delivery is a must

We know the meaning of efficient production management. It is therefore our aim that our customers receive their components faster than usual, meaning typically 2-3 weeks after final placing of orders.


Or even faster – you make the decision

If you need current deliveries, we provide you with the option of preparing a rolling forecast. This means that you have a “reserved seat” in our production, within certain limitations, you are free to make changes to your order. Not to mention the fact that we guarantee delivery on time – every time.


We develop, manufacture and process topics in modern plastic materials

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